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Which Features are Buyers Looking For in New Homes?

I recently read an article by Melissa Tracey of  REALTOR® Magazine.  The article outlined the features most requested by new home buyers as indicated in a poll recently taken by AVID Ratings Company, “…a firm that provides surveys and employee training to home builders across the United States and Canada”.

The most requested features were, according to the study:

1. Large kitchens with an island.

2. Energy-efficient appliances and high-efficiency insulation and windows. (These were the most sought-after “green” features from buyers.)

3. Home office or study

4. Main-floor master suite

5. Outdoor living room

6. Ceiling fans

7. Master suite soaker tubs and oversize showers with seating areas

8. Stone and brick exteriors

9. Community landscaping with walking paths and playgrounds.

10. Two-car garages

I found the results interesting, as they do not include the following features, which, based on my experience with new home buyers, are also very important to them:

  1. Hardwood floors.
  2. Granite and tile surfaces.
  3. Open floor plans.
  4. Smart Wiring/Intra-House Network.

What do you think?